For Growers

Rebate Curious? Need lights? Let us guide you!

You may be eligible for rebates if you

  •  Have NOT yet purchased lights
  • Have a commercial electric utility account
  • Are interested in a project greater than 20 lights
  • Would like to purchase efficient technology such as LEDs, and sometimes CMH, DEs, Induction or Plasma

We Help With

Custom Rebate Estimate – FREE
Our rebate experts will provide you with a rough estimate based on your project details and location. We also do custom detailed estimations if you’d like more information. Fill out this form and we’ll get back to you.

Grow Lamp Leases
You choose efficient lights, and we buy them. You lease lights for 3 years, then they’re yours, in exchange for the utility rebate.

Rebate Fulfilment
You receive the utility rebate and we process all paperwork and handle utility communications for a small fee.

What to Expect

  1. Engagement – discuss plans, estimate rebate eligibility, review terms of engagement and/or lease
  2. Application – collect utility bills, facility plans, vendor bids, baseline bids, etc.
    • Seinergy prepares the entire narrative, rebate application, utility pre and post inspections.
    • For Leases: Seinergy screens business and guarantor credit, financial positions and risks.
    • Application stage is complete when the utility provides a Rebate Contract. (Never buy  lights before this!)
    • If Seinergy approved, execute lease.  Sales tax and first month’s payment due.
  3. Fulfilment – Order and install lights. Arrange utility final inspection ASAP.  2 weeks of post install metering is standard. Collect rebate check, or make monthly payments.