For Growers

You choose lights, we manage the utility rebates. Lighting equipment financing available where you pay the cost for the lights only –  INTEREST FREE – over 3 years.

Available anywhere in the US and Canada where energy rebates are available.

The best lighting money can buy, without the upfront cost.

What to Expect

  1. Engagement – discuss plans, estimate rebate eligibility, review terms of engagement and/or lease
  2. Application – collect utility bills, facility plans, vendor bids, baseline bids, etc.
    • Seinergy prepares the entire narrative, rebate application, utility pre and post inspections.
    • For Leases: Seinergy screens business and guarantor credit, financial positions and risks.
    • Application stage is complete when the utility provides a Rebate Contract. (Never buy  lights before this!)
    • If Seinergy approved, execute lease.  Sales tax and first month’s payment due.
  3. Fulfilment – Order and install lights. Arrange utility final inspection ASAP.  2 weeks of post install metering is standard. Collect rebate check, or make monthly payments.

    Seinergy Rebate Financing.png