About Us

At Seinergy, we are building a Virtual Power Plant

Founder, Bob Gunn grew up breathing the toxic smog from the Waukegan IL coal power plant along the shores of Lake Michigan.  Our goal is to match the energy output from this dirty power source by executing clean energy conservation and renewable energy projects in hard to reach, capital-scarce markets.

We accomplish these energy impacts by:

  1. Enabling energy conservation projects at energy intensive businesses
  2. Enabling new renewable energy projects

Our greatest impact are with projects that are highly customized, require extensive coordination with electric utilities, produce significant energy impacts, where traditional commercial financing is scarce, and for sustainability-minded clients. Unexpectedly to us, the regulated cannabis market is a perfect fit .

Our Team and company culture:  At Seinergy we value the role of small business, sustainable business practices, work-life balance and financial acumen.  Our work at the intersection of utility rebate policy, finance and cannabis is executed under an umbrella and passion for entrepreneurship and innovation.

Our team’s complimentary backgrounds help us work together to execute our business.  Our backgrounds and skills include:

  • Certified Energy Manager (CEM)
  • Sustainable Business Students and Practitioners
  • Masters in Business Administration (MBAs – 3)
  • Botanists, Economists, Environmental Scientists, Educators
  • Financial Engineers, Analysts, Managers and Bookkeepers
  • Entrepreneurs

Bob Gunn, Founder & President

bob-gunn-headshotBob Gunn is an analyst rooted in the electric utility industry. He founded Seinergy to experiment with new market opportunities, and challenge some outdated utility models. 2013-2015 was fun, but things changed in 2015 when we applied our industry knowledge to cannabis.  Seinergy is now the leading energy efficiency firm focused on helping cannabis growers reduce their electric consumption, via access to utility energy rebates and private capital.

Bob’s utility career has provided opportunities to collaborate with a variety of organizations including the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, the Bonneville Power Administration, the Large Public Power Association and several private energy companies. He now spends 70% of his time at cannabis industry events and working with vendors and growers on energy rebate applications, and 30% of his time maintaining utility relationships at industry speaking and networking events.

Bob holds an MBA from the Bainbridge Graduate Institute, a BA from Colorado College, and is a Certified Energy Manager through the association of Energy engineers.                  bob@seinergy.org          425.202.6053

Emi Gunn, Co-Founder

Emi manages all things financial for Seinergy including strategy and direction of Seinergy – rounding out Bob when he gets carried away.  Emi handles lease administration, bookkeeping, private capital finances, rebate remittance and true-ups, and compliance.

New Partner – coming soon (to be announced)

[New Partner] brings with him a long legacy of entrepreneurship, environmental stewardship, creativity and science.  [New Partner] rounds out the analytical minded founders with marketing acumen, scientific context, and an ability to engage with anyone.

Seinergy supports and/or participates with include:

Resource Innovation Institute  – leading the conversation about water and energy conservation in the cannabis space

City of Denver Environmental Health (DEH) – Sustainable Cannabis workgroup.

The Cannabis Alliance (Washington)

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Coalition