BPA Report – Lighting & plug loads dominate; residential space heating falls short

BPA recently achieved the herculean task of compiling energy efficiency data from 140 utilities and NEEA by end use and compared it to the 6th Power Plan targets (or “expected savings”) by end use, for three years: 2010, 2011 and 2012.  This is the first time that this has been achieved at this level of detail, and provides really useful insights about how utilities have been reaching their targets by energy end use.

The big take always for me:

  • The region overachieved by 15% – way to go!
  • Lighting is king, but much to my surprise much more so in the commercial and industrial sectors (297% achieved relative to expected) than the residential sector (which achieved a solid 99% of it’s expected lighting savings). Across all sectors, lighting achieved 39%, or 84 aMW, over expected savings over the three year period surveyed; coincidentally comprising 39% of total EE achievements.
  • Electronics and Plug loads made a huge showing in the residential and commercial sectors thanks to NEEA’s TV and PC Power Management initiatives, achieving 207% of goal, or 54 aMW over expected.
  • Waterheating underperformed, but this is not a surprise to many.
  • Residential HVAC and Envelope fell 61% short its expected savings.  For some reason these savings are not being achieved through utility programs as expected. It begs the question: are the projects happening but just not through the utilities’ programs, or are they not happening at all? BPA 2011-2012 achievements by end use all sectors

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