Content Marketing Retreat, Langley, WA

I spent the last two days at a content marketing retreat called “The Essentials of Video Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 8.38.11 PMStorytelling” held here in my hometown of Langley, Washington. Seinergy really has two audiences that we are communicating with: contractors who are making people’s homes more energy efficient, and utilities.  These audiences have distinctly different concerns and desires, their daily work lives are much different, their operating budgets are orders of magnitude different and frankly they use different vocabulary.  The retreat gave me some good things to think about regarding my audiences and how I their needs are different from mine and different from and different from each others’, and how the content on my website and communications materials need to be tailored to each group.  Seinergy’s content marketing will not be a one size fit all.

The conference was great though, especially all the speakers. I think anyone would benefit from attending.  Next year: same place same week: May 8ish, 2014 – mark your calendars.


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